Healthy Recipe with Tips: Green Smoothie

Learn to make this simple and healthy green smoothie by watching this video. Green Smoothie – Healthy Recipe with Tips Transcripts of the Video:   hello everyone welcome to Shorty’s 00:13 kitchen today let’s make a nice healthy 00:17 and very comforting and refreshing green 00:20 smoothie we recently started having a 00:23 lot of […]

The King Of Fruits! 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Durian

Durian is often referred to as the “king of fruits” and is widely popular in Southeast Asia and many other countries due to its long list of health benefits. It is distinct for both its spiky look and its strong odour, which some individuals may find unpleasant. Durian is extremely nutritious and has its unknown […]

This Happens To Your Body When You Eat 2 Eggs Every Day

Eggs are popular around the world and are consumed a number of different ways. They are a great way to get protein and also provide healthy amino acids and antioxidants. When buying eggs, it is important that we try to purchase organic eggs if possible, as these eggs are free from unwanted antibiotics, hormones and […]

7 Great Reasons To Drink Chamomile Tea Every Day

Teas of all varieties are popular around the world for not only their unique and distinct taste, but also for the wealth of health benefits they can provide. This is especially true for chamomile tea, which has a pleasant taste and aroma and offers many different health benefits for those who consume it. Lets discuss […]

6 Secret Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

We have all most likely heard of eating papaya for not only its health benefits, but also for its amazing taste. When we buy papaya, we tend to generally eat the fruit, and throw out the seeds without thinking twice about it. We may want to give this a second thought however, since these seeds […]

Miracle Remedy That Reduces High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Naturally!

High blood pressure can cause countless problems like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and even death. You can lower your blood pressure with this amazing remedy. This super recipe is made with ginger, garlic, honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar. Lemon Health Benefits: Regulates Heart Beat, Helps in Proper Functioning of Heart, Reduces Weight […]