6 Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite can be very troublesome for you so here are some cellulite busting routines that target your butt and thighs, the areas most prone to dimpling. Practice these yoga poses at least three to four times a week in conjunction with a healthy diet, cardio workouts, and lots of water, and you should start to […]

Zero Point Yoga (Quantum Yoga & Pranic Healing)

Experience the quantum dimension of cosmic energy and universal consciousness. Learn the ancient tantric methods for willfully directing prana for healing and spiritual awakening. Downloadable yoga meditation video course with audio companions and workbooks. Pranic healing is an ancient science of Shanki tantra, allowing you to experience the quantum dimension beyond the physical body through […]

Bindhu Chakra – Nada Yoga Sadhana Video

Beyond the most subtle chakra, Ajna, is another point called Bindu. Whereas all the chakras are various levels of the human psyche, Bindu is the source from where the entire mental framework arises, and yet itself is far beyond the mind and levels of the psyche. Bindu has a very mystical function, for it bridges […]